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Ep 7: Why You Need to Build Your Email List

If the Facebook and Instagram Crash of 2019 put you into a panic because you’re lacking an email list, this episode is for you. Building your email list is non-negotiable. You need to focus on building a business, not a following. The people who are killing it, are not pitching on social media, but guiding…

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Ep 4: What Makes a Great Sales Funnel Pt 1

You can build sales funnels anywhere. Your sales funnel builds your business for you while you’re doing other things that are going on in your life – your 9 to 5, raising your babies, etc. In the last episode, we talked specifically about what goes into a great sales funnel and how important it can…

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Ep 2. Why You Need to Automate Your Business

This episode is for you whether or not you’re already automated. Just because you’re automated doesn’t mean you don’t need this episode with Tamira Hamilton. Just because you’re automated doesn’t mean that it is the right type of automation or that it is most efficiently. Just because you’re automated doesn’t mean you even have a…

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