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My name is Dawn Marrs, and I'm so glad you're here. Chances are that we have a lot in common… working hard to build a thriving business we love, that affords us the time to do all of the other things we love – like caring for our families, spending time with friends, enjoying our hobbies and of course taking a much-deserved vacation from time to time.

The problem is as entrepreneurs and small business owners, we tend to wear a lot of hats. If you're just getting started, chances are you're the face and brand of your business, the content marketer, the ads expert, the social media manager, customer service rep and accountant all rolled into one.

When you put it that way, it makes the whole vacation idea seem like a bit of a pipe dream doesn't it?

Let's get real for a minute – entrepreneurship, business ownership – they aren't the path of least resistance. Sticking with a job (even if you hate it) is a whole lot safer, and arguably easier than building a company from scratch.

But if you're anything like me (and I'm willing to bet you are), there's no way you envision yourself building someone else's empire for an hourly wage. Sure, you might be doing that very thing right now, hustling in the evenings and on the weekends, but I know it's not your end game.

You've got big ideas and big plans. If only you had more time to make them happen.

Here's the Good News…

Whether you're an entrepreneurial veteran or are launching your first brand online, there's a good chance you're spending a lot more time working than you need to. I know you love working (I do too), but for real, give yourself a break. You don't have to do it all yourself.

Imagine for a minute what life would be like if you woke up tomorrow and all of your important business processes were automated…

  • All of your prospects being nurtured by personalized emails, text messages, and postcards.
  • All of your customers receiving their products and services on time with the click of a button.
  • All of your recurring billing processing in the background without a hitch, while your system automatically taking care of late payments without any action on your part.

The truth is, many solopreneurs are so busy handling these time-consuming administrative tasks, they find they don't have time to the things they love.

Families suffer. Friendships suffer. Health suffers. And it's completely unnecessary.

Business automation handles all of those important, yet time-consuming tasks that suck the fun out of your business (and the life out of you), and can save the typical business owner between 10 and 20 hours per week. It's like having a full-time assistant, without the added expense.

I know marketing automation can seem nerdy, complicated or downright boring depending on who you talk to. But there's nothing you can do that has the potential to impact your bottom line and your time freedom like automation. And I promise to make it as simple, exciting and FUN as humanly possible.

'78% of successful marketers say that marketing automation is most responsible for improving revenue.' -The Lenskold Group, 2013Click To Tweet

That's why I created Marrs Marketing, a company that specializes in helping entrepreneurs get their time back. More specifically, we help coaches, consultants, service-based entrepreneurs and experts leverage their time, by getting their training and expertise online, and creating automated systems to handle critical business and marketing tasks.

Everything I do – from my Marketing Automation Bootcamp to my weekly webinars is about helping entrepreneurs just like you automate and grow a thriving business you love while still having a life.

I believe that automation is a crucial part of doing business today, but I don't believe it needs to be stressful or complicated. That's why I share simple tips and strategies every single week – to help make your life easier! Sign up now and your first tips will be on their way…

Thank you SO much for stopping by. I'm here to help you automate, grow and thrive and look forward to a long and prosperous friendship.

Warmest regards,


Dawn Marrs

Dawn Marrs is the founder of She is an Ontraport Certified Consultant and specializes marketing automation and membership site strategy. Dawn's passion is helping service-based entrepreneurs create automated systems to create more profit and more time freedom.

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  1. I would like to figure out which program to use, stuck between Ontraport and Click Funnels right now. And i don’t have a whole lot of time to troubleshoot, I need something up and running as soon as yesterday, can you help?

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"Working with Marrs Marketing is a pleasure. No one I have ever worked with knew Ontraport better than Dawn. In addition, Dawn is professional, talented, has great communication skills and a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend Marrs Marketing."

~ Geoff Ronning

"I purchased Dawn's Funnel templates for Ontraport. I fell in love with these templates because they saved me so much time and energy. I created an opt-in and two upsell products to put in a new funnel. Having the templates allowed me to do that in 2 weeks total. Without the templates, it would have taken over a month to complete!!"

~ Brittany Dixon