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Pixel Studio FX Tutorial: How to Create a 3D eCover

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Being a wedding photographer, my summers are hectic, busy and generally a whirlwind. Of course, "busy" implies that I'm booked and in-demand so it's almost a badge of honor but really just results in being stressed out and potentially letting things slip through the cracks.

Over the past year with Dawn we've been implementing ways to automate certain communications and workflows so there is less on my plate. What has resulted is that even though this summer is even busier than previous ones I'm sailing through it a lot less stressed and with a lot more time to have a social life. Dawn's knowledge of automation and marketing, in general, has been a godsend. She's the secret weapon in my business!

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Pixel Studio FX tutorial

There’s no doubt about it… having an eye-catching 3D ecover for your lead magnet is a good idea.

Just look at sites like and Backlinko if you want confirmation. These are sites that get millions of visitors and have optimized their list-building offers and are generally a pretty good indicator of what’s working. Here are some examples of their lead magnets… notice what they have in common:

Backlinko Lead Magnet

Backlinko Lead Magnet Example

quicksprout lead magnet

Quicksprout Lead Magnet Example

petovera lead magnet

Petovera Lead Magnet Example

That’s right, they all have 3D ecovers representing their free giveaway!

Why do they do this? 

Digital products aren’t tangible. Meaning, your site visitors can’t touch or hold your lead magnet or online course in their hands… making it slightly less real.

Take Amazon for example: Imagine you’re shopping for a book on Amazon that has no cover image. You probably wouldn’t buy it, would you?

That’s because most people are highly visual. And that’s the theory behind adding an eye-catching graphic to represent your lead magnet… it can help customers visualize your digital product and boost your email optin rates.

Now, if you’re thinking “wait, I’m not a graphic designer and I have no idea how to create an image like that!” I’ve got you covered in today’s tutorial.


In my last blog post I showed you how to create an awesome lead magnet using free tools… today I’ll show you how to create a 3D eCover for the lead magnet you created. And the cool thing is you can have something that looks pretty good in under 5 minutes…

This video tutorial shows you how to use Pixel Studio FX to create an awesome 3D product image without Photoshop, even if you don’t have any design skills.

This will work for your lead magnet, but it can also be used for your products, ebooks, video courses etc.

Pixel Studio FX Video Tutorial

pixel studio fx demo

An example lead magnet…

As you can see, the Pixel Studio FX software creates professional looking 3D ecovers for your lead magnets, products and courses in just minutes… making it a great tool to have in your arsenal for those times when you just need to get an ecover image done fast!

In my next post, I’ll show you how to tie the whole thing together with your lead capture page… instructions for both LeadPages and Ontraport users so stay tuned!



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Dawn Marrs is the founder of She is an Ontraport Certified Consultant and specializes marketing automation and membership site strategy. Dawn's passion is helping service-based entrepreneurs create automated systems to create more profit and more time freedom.

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    on February 8, 2018 at 1:43 am

    Great information Dawn, thanks for sharing.

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