Ontraport Tutorial: Create a Lead Capture Page Using Ontrapages

In today's Ontraport tutorial, you'll learn how to create a great-looking lead capture page using Ontrapages.

This post is part of our List-Building training series:

Why Use Ontrapages?

Ontrapages is Ontraport's landing page solution. It comes built in with every Ontraport account so if you're an Ontraport user there's really no need for external software like LeadPages or ClickFunnels.

If you're not an Ontraport user, you can grab a free Ontrapages account and give them a try. (Yes, it's actually free, no credit card required… just don't blame me if you fall in love and want to go all the way with Ontraport 😉 )

NOTE: Ontraport integrates with both LeadPages and ClickFunnels, as well as most other landing page software so you can use those services alongside Ontraport if you want to. 

What's awesome about using Ontraport's in-house landing pages is their ultra-tight integration with your entire system… leads that come in through an Ontraport page can be tracked based on their behavior, allowing you to run automated campaigns (email, SMS text, or postcard) based on visits to your site and trigger cart abandon sequences to recover lost sales.

This can be accomplished with some external integrations, but it requires some knowledge of HTML and it's definitely not as reliable and requires an extra step on every single page you create. Not ideal and easy to forget when you're flying by the seat of your pants like most of us in digital marketing 😉

Take Advantage of Ontraport's Personal URL (PURL) System

PURLs are customized links that include each prospect's name, and they're proven to increase clicks and engagement. Better yet, using PURLs allows us to positively identify each visitor so you can personalize the pages they visit after the click.

Ontraport PURL
Example Ontraport PURL

These can help make a memorable impact with your marketing by customizing your emails, landing pages, postcards, and SMS messages to each specific recipient with personalized URLs (PURLs). 

All of this adds up to a powerful system personalizes the experience and helps you communicate even better with your subscribers… a big plus in my books!

If you're not an Ontraport user, but are curious to give Ontrapages a try, sign up for a free account.

Click Here to Get Your Free Ontrapages Account

Rather Build Your Landing Pages in LeadPages?

I've also created a training for you on how to build your optin page in LeadPages

I hope you've enjoyed this series! Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions or have additional tutorials you'd like me to create to help you in your business!


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