Updated Aug 19, 2021

Ep 12: Attracting Revenue Like a Boss with Sherri Somers

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Today Sherri Somers and I talk about attracting revenue authentically and naturally to make your dreams come true.

What you put out is what you get. You have to show up.

Know Your Target Market

Tell your own story. When you know your target market, you know how to speak in a way that resonates from your story all the way through your call to action. You can get organic traffic with FB Lives just by knowing and having the consistency.

Automation in Place of Staff

Automation takes the place of staff when you're a solopreneur. You can do the work of more than one person with automation.

Attract Revenue Naturally

Use your voice and storytelling. Going live is the biggest way for people to see you authentically.

How to Deal With The Objections

Make sure you have the right person calling you from the gate. If you have someone on a clarity call, you want them to have gotten the foundation from the live so your close is 75%.

Dominate Your Area of Mastery

Get clear on your area of mastery and then dominate.

No Isn't No to You

When you can reflect the mirror back to them, they are more likely to say yes. Their no is not about you, it's no to the problem. Don't be tied to the outcome. They are not yet ready.

Create Your Money

It's a mindset. Don't overthink it. Put out the seeds and you harvest later at different times.

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Get to Know Sherri Somers

Before going full-time in business, Sherri was just like you. She had a 9 to 5, a family, and a dream that she was made for more. She worked in law enforcement full-time and part of that came with helping ex-offenders find jobs and become business owners. In 2016, Sherri was even invited to the White House by President Obama (and Michelle) after gaining national recognition from that re-entry program helping those who were in need earn a living. However, she didn’t just stop with helping others make money as a part of her day job, she took what she knew and applied it to her own efforts.

While working her 9 to 5, Sherri started a property preservation business that generated over $85K a year (as a side-hustle). It was great revenue, but being a mom, before she felt comfortable enough to take the leap, she was all about creating stability in her home and making sure she was properly educated about what she was doing and had the right strategy to attract consistent and sustainable profits so she could enjoy the freedom as her own boss.

Fast forward a bit, Sherri's son passed out in school from an asthma attack. That’s what kicked things into overdrive. She knew then that she needed to pursue her business ideas with urgency so she could be more present for her son NOW. In that moment, Sherri took a leave of absence, worked on her coaching business idea she knew she had within her, and went from $0 to $12K in her coaching business a matter of weeks, and hasn’t returned to working her 9 to 5 ever since. Sherri learned the power of Facebook Live videos, having a great message and delivering your message to the right market has made her successful to dominate her space.

Sherri knows there are other moms who are beginner online business coaches out there who want to take a chance on their dreams but are afraid because they don’t know the steps. She wants to show you how to master, market, and monetize your coaching business using the exact framework she uses in live Facebook video to create a freedom lifestyle for her family and her future.

If you’re investing A LOT of time and money into their business, but don’t yet know how to make it profitable, then Sherri wants to help you through either her Unlimited Success Academy, 12-week group coaching program to help you get to your first $2K in coaching through live Facebook videos.

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