Ep 11: Instagram Marketing 101 with Tamira Hamilton

Apparently, Instagram is the platform to be on right now and Tamira Hamilton is an Instagram Expert so I have her back on the podcast as an actual guest.

Tamira began using Instagram prior to becoming a business owner for storytelling. She took that storytelling and it grew her Instagram like crazy.

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Choose a personal vs Business account

Benefits include analytics, the swipe up feature, your email, location and people can text you.

As a personal brand or lifestyle creator, Tamira recommends staying with a personal account. Even though the business account can run ads, you can still do that with a personal account as long as it is linked to a business page.

Choose a username that is recognizable and congruent with everywhere else

It is a part of your brand so you want to make sure everything is consistent.

Have a Really Good Profile Picture

Have a clear bio.

This is like your 30-second to bio. You don't want it to be so spammy, and a bit of fun, but you do want it to be concise.

Set up a landing page for your link

Instead of using LinkTree, you should do a landing page. You don't want to overwhelm them with too many buttons.

Don't have multiple calls to action

1 out of 5 or 2 out of 7 of your most recent posts should have a call to action. If they are back to back, they should be to the same call to action.

Let's talk Instagram Stories

Your newsfeed needs to look like a magazine. The algorithm isn't all about the newsfeed, though; it's about engagement.

The story is modeled after Snapchat. This is your “what's happening now.” This is where they get to know you and connect with you. It will humanize your brand.

This is where your growth comes from. Use 1-4 hashtags, minimize them.

The perfect posting algorithm is…

Only post 1-3 times of your feed a day. Don't do engagement bait, but ask questions. For your story, spread out 9 throughout the day. Use the fun things like questions and polls.

The ultimate goal is to get people to go to your Inbox — you want them to DM you!

What is IGTV?

Posts can be 15 seconds to 10 minutes. Then you can share a 1-minute clip to your feed. Next, share to your story. You are able to swipe up, even with less than 10k follower.

Your Homework

Go into your Instagram story and take a screenshot or short video of you listening to this podcast. Tag @marrsmarketinginc and @tamirahamilton and we will reshare it.

Get to Know Tamira Hamilton

Tamira Hamilton is a 27 year veteran of sales and marketing and leadership. She has both a Bachelors and Masters degree in marketing and finance in addition to leadership roles at several Fortune 100 companies.

In 2013 she became tired of the rat race as a single mother of two young ladies and decided to trade in her safety net for entrepreneurship.

Tamira developed a very successful online blog and business over the past five years along with a personal brand a social media following of 50,000.

Tamira is a Certified Content Marketing Strategist and an avid lover of all things social media. She built a successful personal brand online with her blogs and social media presence.

Now she teaches others to do the same with her Influence Booster courses and challenges.

The passion and purpose behind what she does is to help mothers free themselves from the bondage of workplace politics and Corporate America by leveraging and monetizing their skill set. She firmly believes that having more mothers and when necessary young grandmothers home nurturing and loving on their babies society as a whole will be improved.
When she is not building her online brand Tamira loves to spend time with her family, especially grandson Tristan who will be 5 this spring. She also loves nature, traveling and eating tacos.

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