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Ep 15: Simple 3 Step System to Get More Clients in the Next 30 Days

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Today's episode has the potential to make you a lot of money.

I'm not saying that to be hypey or salesy, but it's a fact that in my 10+ years in marketing I've never seen another system rake in so much cash for service-based businesses.

So, let me backtrack a little and say this episode has the potential to make you a lot of money if you have a service-based business – coaching, consulting, online course creator, author, speaker, etc.

It's not so much for eCommerce or physical product type businesses unless it's a high-ticket item that requires a consultation.

If your consulting business isn't filled to capacity right now with clients, the problem probably has nothing to do with how good you are. I bet you're awesome and great at what you do!

Most of the clients I work with are absolute rockstars at what they do and have the potential to really help people and transform lives.

The problem is, most business owners just aren't sure how to reach the people who need their help and then get them to become paying clients. It's a very common problem and I'm going to help you solve it today.

If your business isn't filled to capacity, the problem is almost always visibility and a lack of offers getting in front of your potential clients.

If you're not sure you fit into this category I have an easy test for you… just ask yourself this question:

If you answered “none” then you need this system in your life. Heck, if you answered less than 5 you'll want it.

The system I'm sharing with you today is absolutely proven – and is being taught by some of the biggest names in the coaching industry but it's being overcomplicated.

It's also fully automated (other than the part where you get on the phone) so it has the power to fill your business with awesome clients fast – without creating extra work for you (other than picking up the phone of course… that part can get busy).

The Simple 3-Step System

Full transparency – I didn't invent this. There are lots of service-based businesses running this play to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars a month (one of my clients is clearing a million dollars a month using this strategy on a much larger scale using a sales team).

Before I jump into the training, I want to let you know we've got links to resources in the show notes for the episode at Marrsmarketing.com/15

STEP 1: Build Your Email List with a Juicy Free Offer

If you're just getting started, work on getting 100 email addresses as quickly as possible.

I know, I harp on list building but it's SO IMPORTANT. Once you have an email address, the line of communication is open – a portal directly to your potential clients' mobile device (about 46% of email is opened on a mobile device as of this episode.

According to Hubspot.com More than 50 percent of U.S. respondents check their personal email account more than 10 times a day, so you definitely want to be hitting your potential client's inbox on a regular basis.

I say 100 email addresses to give you a fast and easy goal if you're just getting started, but always get as many as you can… the more email addresses you collect, the more appointments you'll set and the more clients you'll get…

It's a numbers game as always.

Getting email addresses is easier than you think… here it is in a nutshell.

  1. Create a juicy highly relevant free offer in exchange for your audiences' email address (in this case it will be a webinar or a free video presentation explaining your solution… more on that here).
  2. Get your audience's eyeballs on your free offer whatever way is available to you (free methods like search engine optimization and social media, or paid advertising, or a combination of free and paid)

I don't want to oversimplify this step but we've got lots of information on creating lead magnets and getting traffic to your offers for you if you need it.

STEP 2: Present Your Solution (Your Free Offer)

You can do this via a pre-recorded video or a webinar (webinars tend to do slightly better as your prospective client can't pause the video and has to stay till the end to get the goods). The more you can simplify your process in this presentation the better. Be sure to include lots of testimonials or case studies.

Don't get hung up on how to make the video – a simple slideshow created with Google Slides recorded on Loom.com (both are free) will do the trick if you're just getting started.

TIP: Make sure you're using a high-quality microphone to record your voice – poor sound quality is a conversion killer.

This means, don't use the built-in mic on your computer… if you want good sound quality at an entry-level price, I'd recommend the Audio-Technica ATR2005 microphone.

Need an example of a presentation that works? Click here

If the cost of your program or service is greater than $2000, the call to action on your video presentation or webinar should be to book a call – it's very difficult to sell a program that's more expensive without a personal conversation (with either yourself or as you expand, your sales team).

Use a calendar system like Acuity or ScheduleOnce to streamline the process. Yes, you need a calendar system – please don't skip this crucial piece of the system.

IMPORTANT: Not everyone who watches your presentation will book a call… 3 to 6% is normal at the time of optin.

That's why email follow-up is so crucial, and why I created my client attraction email templates – so that my clients could get this system up and running without spending the next 10 months writing email messages.

Click here to get my proven Client Attraction email templates

Once they book the appointment, all you have to do is call them at the set time, ask thoughtful questions and find out if they're a good fit for your program or service.

PRO TIP: Listen more than you talk and let go of the outcome. Be ok with letting them go if they aren't a good fit. Way better to only work with the people who are likely to get great results working with you. Also – follow your gut. If they're a pain in the ass on the phone, they'll be a pain in the ass as a client. Just sayin'.

(Click here to learn the Resistance Free Selling method we use to get high ticket clients in a single call)

STEP 3: Close the Sale

This step is the fun part. If you've done a good job of listening to their needs and your program is a legitimate solution to their problem, they should be telling you why they need your program, not the other way around.

Tell them you'd love to welcome them as a client and take their first payment or deposit immediately. Like, now, while they're still on the phone. If someone tells you they'll call you with their credit card later, they're gone

BONUS: Impress with Your Client Onboarding Process

There's nothing worse than spending your hard-earned cash on a program or service only to be left with days of nothing between payment and service delivery.

Particularly when you offer a high-ticket coaching program, it gives your clients time to second guess their decision, leading to possible refunds or – even worse – chargebacks.

Always give your new clients something to do immediately – this will cut down on buyers' remorse (it happens) and will make you look like a rockstar right out of the gate.

This could be as simple as a video training and worksheet that they need to do to get started. The more you can showcase your “proven process” to get your new client the results they want, the greater the chance they'll fall in love with you and start referring everyone they know.

Work the System

Now that you know my simple 3-step system to get more clients in the next 30 days, all you need to do it work it!

Just because it's simple, doesn't mean it isn't insanely powerful… I've seen businesses go from a few thousand a month in revenue to more than 6 figures in less than 30 days using this method.

Let me know in the comments if you'll be putting this method to work in your service-based business! And be sure to share with your entrepreneur friends who need more clients too…

Want Help Setting Up Your System

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    3 thoughts on “Ep 15: Simple 3 Step System to Get More Clients in the Next 30 Days”

    1. The time… 3 am. The problem…can’t sleep because the mind won’t stop working trying to figure out how to get me some clients fast! The solution…earbud in the right ear and listen to a podcast and hopefully fall asleep.

      New problem…now I really can’t sleep because I picked Dawn Marrs podcast and now I’m listening to pure gold that is providing the answer to my problem.

      Crap….now I really can’t sleep. BUT I have me a solution!

      Thank you Dawn, the timing of this podcast was almost woo woo like. I just closed my failing brick and mortar business, my wife has health issues and can’t work so I’m scrambling to get something new going.

      I know all the things you mentioned to do and even suggested it to others who I have helped BUT why I didn’t apply it for myself is crazy to me.

      So thank you again for creating this podcast just for me (said the narcissist), it really did come at the perfect time so, today is day one. Time to start creating some slides.

      Have an amazing day and congratulations on becoming a Mom.
      P.S. The website I entered is not the one I will be using. I put that up a long time ago and is not the direction I want to go in.
      Alex Szaki recently posted…Hello world!My Profile

      1. Hey Alex! So sorry to ruin your sleep ???? Great to hear the episode has inspired you to get this system set up for yourself.

        To be completely honest I was the same – always implementing for clients but not doing it for my own business.

        FYI – this couples really well with a leveraged group program (sort of a course/coaching hybrid). I’ve been using it with my 6-Figure Sales Funnels™ Program and loving everyone who’s decided to join us so far!

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