Updated Aug 19, 2021

Ep 7: Why You Need to Build Your Email List

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If the Facebook and Instagram Crash of 2019 put you into a panic because you're lacking an email list, this episode is for you. Building your email list is non-negotiable. You need to focus on building a business, not a following.

The people who are killing it, are not pitching on social media, but guiding people onto their list. The truth is, the Facebook Page average views is 1%-2%. Facebook is like having your storefront in the back alley.

When you get people's email addresses, you actually have control of when and how to reach them. Reach after someone subscribes to your email is so much higher than on social media.

When you're on social media, you're competing with millions of different people. In their email inbox, you have their undivided attention.

Email List Advice

If you can get your mailing list to reply to an email, then you go to the top of their inbox instead of their promo tab. Getting them to do that in the first email is so important.

Showing up in Spam or another tab is not your fault. When you send an email from an email autoresponder, there is a tag at the bottom that says they can unsubscribe. All of the email clients (like GMail) know they're marketing emails until someone replies.

Email is one of the most profitable actions you can take in your business. People who say email marketing is dead typically is selling text message marketing.

You cannot send a story in a text message. Text message marketing is awesome, but you have to be careful and doesn't replace email marketing.

Why You Need an Email List

  1. You don't want to do all of your marketing on social media. They're there to be social.
  2. It's a great way to build your tribe.
  3. You need a solid follow up process in place.
  4. It can take up to 20 times that someone sees an ad before they buy. Building a list makes selling easier

Last Thoughts

The magic number is not the number of followers but what your conversion rate is. Take the relationship with your brand new subscriber to the next level.

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