Email marketing is the most profitable way for you to engage with your audience...

Unfortunately, most business owners are too busy running their business to spend days writing the number of email messages it takes to create a lasting relationship with your subscribers.  

That's why I've decided to make my proven Ultimate Lead Nurturing Series available... to make it super simple and easy for you to build a deeper relationship with your subscribers without spending months trying to figure out what to say!
The Ultimate Nurturing Series includes my entire 45-Day email Follow Up 
You probably already know this, but email marketing is proven to be the most profitable form of marketing there is... beating social media by a long shot. 

But let's face it - writing great email copy is hard. You don't always know what to say or when to say it. 

Plus, finding dedicated email writing time in your busy schedule isn't just difficult, it's sometimes downright impossible.

Which is why I created this series in the first place... to give you a cut-and-paste template to make email follow up simple and easy. 

The Cost of Great Copywriting
Outsourcing your email writing to a professional copywriter is one option for getting creating a great follow up series your subscribers will love. But did you know that even on low end, a good copywriter will charge at least $50 per email (and that's very low end!)

Not to mention, a good copywriter is always in high demand and probably has a line out the door of clients waiting for their services. That means you could be waiting a long time to get your Nurturing Series completed and working for you.

With my Done-For-You Email Nurturing Series, you're paying less than $10 per email. Plus, you get instant access to everything you need to start building relationships TODAY instead of next month (or next year)!
Save Time and Money with My Done-For-You Email Nurturing Series...

You already know that effective email marketing is the key to unlocking more profit in your business. It sounds simple, but unfortuately, writing a great email nurture series isn't easy...
Writing an email series is time-consuming... you're busy running a business and don't have time to write a 45-day follow-up series...
Hiring a copywriter is expensive... a good copywriter can charge $100+ per email which eats into your profits...
Writer's block is a real struggle... even if you find the time to write a dozen emails, knowing what to say and when to say it is never easy...
The idea of writing a 45-day nurturing series is overwhelming... you've already got a massive to-do list and this task is just too much...
That's why I created my "Done-For-You Email Nurturing Series," a package of professionally written lead nurturing emails that you can cut and paste into your autoresponder account today.
Here's What You Get With the "Done-for-You Email Nurturing Series"
The Perfect Welcome Email: includes all 6 key points needed to make new subscribers feel warm and fuzzy, while ensuring your email series stays out of the SPAM filter...
The 45 Day Nurturing Series: get instant access to 10 professionally written email templates, ready to cut-and-paste into your favorite autoresponder...
Step-by-step video training on how to modify the templates to make them unique to your business...


No matter what business you're in, the words you use in your marketing, matter. In this bonus reference guide, you'll discover which words to use and which ones to avoid like the plague.

This guide is perfect for when you're writing emails, sales pages, blogs or even video sales letters!

If you're ready to start building a deeper relationship with your email subscribers, and start earning more money with your email marketing, click the button below to get instant access to my “Done-For-You Email Nurturing Series”
Frequently Asked Questions

What format will I receive the templates in?
These email templates come in both PDF and Word (.docx) format. That way you can edit directly in the document, but can also refer back to the original PDF if you accidentally overwrite the Word document.
Can I use these templates in my clients' marketing?
Yes, if you're a virtual assistant or marketing pro and want a fast and simple way to get your clients marketing up and running without having to start from scratch every time you are welcome to use these templates. 
Are these template Private Label Rights Content (PLR)
No, you do not have permission to resell these templates, either on their own or as part of a larger package. They are intended for use only in your own business. You can, however, use them as part of a service you offer. 
What if I don't have Word... Can I still use these templates?
Yes, this document format can be opened by Open Office, a free software that can be downloaded on any Mac or PC.