Why Tracking Your Lead Source is SO Important

This is short and sweet- but maybe one of the most important tidbits of tech I’ve ever dished out. Oh, and did I mention this is going to save you money? Yea, let’s just jump right in…

If I’m being honest, I just had this “aha” moment a few days ago. It wasn’t a lightbulb moment for me necessarily- but the realization that maybe my favorite people aren’t hip to this tip yet.

And yes, I’m talking about you.

I’m pretty confident that anyone reading this has at the very least a base understanding of what a lead magnet is (if not, no judgements, but seriously read this now.)– and probably most of you have one up and running for your business.


Lead magnets are ESSENTIAL to business:

>> They act as the initial welcome for customers to your business… and most importantly your email list.

>> They allow you to provide, value helping to you to show up as the go-to you are.

>> And most importantly the lead magnet is the gateway to future sales.


So yes, YOU NEED A LEAD MAGNET– and a good one at that.


Today isn’t about how to create a lead magnet though… it’s about tracking your lead source to see what’s working and what’s not.

Take me for example: I have the same exact lead magnet in two different places. One is through my banner in my private Facebook group and the other is through a Facebook ad.

You might be surprised to find out which one is actually converting.

Because I track my lead magnet sources through Ontraport, I was able to pop into my account last week and see that while the overall lead magnet is converting at 6.5% (yes, I know I need to improve that), the one that is most successful is actually NOT the Facebook Ad <<—– You know, the one I’m actually spending money on.

As it turns out, my warm audience from my group is converting clicks into sales without me spending a dime… so what do you think I did? Damn skippy I reallocated the ad spend to better serve my business <<—- Which saves me money in the long run.

Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

Bottom line: If you’re not tracking your lead magnet sources, you’ll never know which ones are converting and could literally be throwing money away- all the while thinking you’re raking it in.

To see how I go into Ontraport and get all the juicy data, watch this quick video now.

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