Updated Nov 16, 2022

Ep 5: What Makes a Great Sales Funnel Pt 2

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I'm back with Tamira Hamilton finishing up the second half of what you can do to make up a great sales funnel.

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5. Your Offer needs to be congruent to your lead magnet.

People don't like clickbait. Not only do people dislike clickbait, but so does Facebook. Having a congruent offer is going to help you with your relevancy score on Facebook.

You're supposed to be building trust and meeting your customers where they're at to take you from a complete stranger to someone that they trust enough to become a valued customer.

You want to make sure you are delivering what you offered on the lead magnet page. Either have your funnel built to bring people in on the product side or the business side.

6. Your Sales Series should address all objections.

Email marketing has been proven to be the most profitable tool in your toolbox for online marketing.

This secures your business and handles any objections. If you've delivered and they haven't purchased yet, it means there is some unanswered question preventing them from trusting you fully.

You need irrefutable proof – like testimonials, answering FAQs, etc. You want to have a long follow-up series.

7. You want your Offer to be easy to buy.

You need to give people payment options. During this time you're still working through the trust factor. They may still have reasonable doubt.

If you do a multi-pay, you don't want a $200 course spread out over 6-months. You want them to pay when they're most excited because as the payments continue, they end up having buyer's remorse.

Offer them the option to pay off early, too.

You have to make it easy for people to do business with you. Another example is running a cart abandonment series with a pre-filled form.

8. After their purchase, your series needs to deliver through set expectations.

The follow-up needs to do so many things – delivery, how do they get access, what is shipping, etc.

It all goes back to trust. If you do all of this amazing work and then you bring them in and forget about them, what do you think is going to happen?

Get to Know Tamira Hamilton

Tamira Hamilton is a 27-year veteran of sales and marketing and leadership. She has both a bachelor's and Master's degree in marketing and finance in addition to leadership roles at several Fortune 100 companies. 

When she is not building her online brand Tamira loves to spend time with her family, especially her grandson Tristan. She also loves nature, traveling, and eating tacos.

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    1 thought on “Ep 5: What Makes a Great Sales Funnel Pt 2”

    1. Hi Dawn,

      Great article – I think the lead magnet being congruent with the offer is important, but I also think that the lead magnet also needs to add some massive value. Gone is the day where any old PDF or PLR can be used.

      Do you find multiple payment options and scenarios complicates or aids the sale?


      Martin Platt

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