Ep 2. Why You Need to Automate Your Business

This episode is for you whether or not you're already automated. Just because you're automated doesn't mean you don't need this episode with Tamira Hamilton. Just because you're automated doesn't mean that it is the right type of automation or that it is most efficiently. Just because you're automated doesn't mean you even have a full understanding of why you need to stay automated.

No matter the stage of your business, today's episode with Tamira, a 27-year sales and marketing veteran and Certified Content Marketing Strategist, will help you automate your business most effectively.

So why do you need to automate your business? Some of this might be the most basic information, but I guarantee at least one of these 7 reasons will help you automate or update your automations.

1. Save Yourself a Ton of Time.

There are so many things that you don't have to do or have someone do. Tamira was semi-automated for years until the queen of automation kicked her in the butt. After the first few days she felt like, “What do I do?” It's magical. You've freed up so much time.

2. Eliminate Repetitive Tasks.

Picture eliminating just one 15-minute task per day. You'll be getting something like at least 2 weeks of time back over the course of a year. How many of those repetitive tasks can you eliminate? There will be more than one, for sure. We'll be talking about these specifically in Episode 3.

When you start systemizing your business and looking at the processes you have, you learn that you are doing a lot of things that don't need to be done. It's busywork. It all comes down to the 80/20 rule – 80% of your results comes from 20% of your work. Even when you're experienced and have running your business for a long time you can find yourself fiddling around with stuff that you shouldn't be doing.

You need the most simple and concise systems as possible.

3. Scale Faster.

This is so key when you're hiring people. If you don't have systems or processes in place, how are you supposed to explain your process?

You want to be able to scale and scale faster because it is hard for an individual to get to 6-figures without a team. You have to be able to replicate what it is that you do.

4. Save Money and Reduce Labor Costs.

One of the examples of labor cost savings within my business is refunds. If you were doing a refund, for example, everything happens at once. When you click the refund button, it notifies the customer, it notifies my virtual assistant to remove them from the Facebook group, and it all happens in one fell swoop. If you don't have a system in place for that, it would probably take you 20 minutes to do that versus one second. But when you think of the amount of time it takes you to actually do the task, you realize that they sometimes get free weeks of access to your content because they haven't been removed from the group.

5. Improve Customer Service

Your customer service is everything. If someone signed up for your amazing freebie and they don't get the email with the download for 3 weeks, by the time they get the email, they've probably forgotten about you.

The more time between deliverability, the more likely they are to have forgotten about you. You might as well be a complete stranger.

It's so much more expensive to attain a new client than to retain one that you already have. If you improve your backend service with existing clients, you can retain them for way longer. Continue to give them value and check in on them with automation.

If someone makes a purchase and there is no instant follow up, they could end up with buyer's remorse.

6. Sell Your Business

At some point, you will want to sell your business for a profit, even if it is your passion business. If you don't have processes in place, no one is going to buy your business.

When companies make an acquisition, they are either buying technology and/or a system; very rarely is it brand strength or the name of a brand.

How do you infuse value for other people? You make it so someone else can run it. The only way to do that is through systems and automation.

7. Have Peace of Mind

This is the most important part of automation. We started a business, not to be beholden to your business. If you can't take a vacation from your business, at some point that's going to be a problem. You need to be able to take time away from your business and have it still work.

What happens if your assistant quits or goes on leave and you have to find someone else? If you have a process document, anyone should be able to do it. You should be able to hire someone quickly.

These are all mind-numbingly amazing reasons to automate your business. In the next episode, we will be discussing the 6 things every entrepreneur needs to automate right away.

Get to Know Tamira Hamilton

Tamira Hamilton is a 27 year veteran of sales and marketing and leadership. She has both a bachelors and Masters degree in marketing and finance in addition to leadership roles at several Fortune 100 companies.

In 2013 she became tired of the rat race as a single mother of two young ladies and decided to trade in her safety net for entrepreneurship.

Tamira developed a very successful online blog and business over the past five years along a personal brand a social media following of 50,000.

Tamira is a Certified Content Marketing Strategist and avid lover of all things social media. She built a successful personal brand online with her blogs and social media presence.

Now she teaches others to do the same with her Influence Booster courses and challenges.

The passion and purpose behind what she does is to help mothers free themselves from the bondages of workplace politics and Corporate America by leveraging and monetizing their skill set. She firmly believes that having more mothers and when necessary young grandmothers home nurturing and loving on their babies society as a whole will be improved.
When she is not building her online brand Tamira loves to spend time with her family, especially grandson Tristan who will be 5 this spring. She also loves nature, traveling and eating tacos.

Visit her website.

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